About Tragic Media - San Diego's Best Digital Web Agency

Tragic Media is a small digital web agency located in downtown San Diego, specializing in the building of custom websites and applications using todays leading open source e-commerce and content management systems (primarily Drupal, Magento, and AngularJS). Our specialties lie in creating a branded, engaging user experience for custom e-commerce and interactive content-rich sites.

We are a small team of talented web professionals dedicated to growing our client’s digital brands by providing them with the full spectrum of expert design, innovative strategies, and scalable technologies. We believe that the development solution is just as important as having a quality creative vision, and that both must work hand-in-hand in order to make a truly successful product. We specialize in strategizing, designing, and developing polished hand-coded responsive websites, custom e-commerce solutions, engaging Javascript games and applications, and intuitive mobile applications using today’s leading open source solutions.

You can read more about why we are the right company for your project on our why tragic page.

A Tragic History

Tragic Media was started in 2009 by Rich Rudzinski after leaving his job at a large national agency in San Diego. Rich saw the poor structure of traditional agencies, bloated with high paying upper management and supported by low level employees or offshore resources. He saw the way that large agencies treated their clients, promising them the world and then sending the work to the cheapest resource and quickly moving their attention to the next sale. This reckless attitude towards project quality and budget left lots of room for improvement, and Rich knew that he could offer his clients a much better service. Tragic Media has been built from the ground up to be a slim, scalable machine providing cutting-edge digital solutions driven by an experienced and educated team.

The early years of Tragic Media were focused on providing expert overflow development for many large digital agencies both in San Diego and across the nation. Tragic Media has worked with leading agencies including Mirum (Digitaria), Geary, Red Door, Piston, R&R Partners, MJD Interactive, Tillster, Navigation Arts, ThinkParallax, and MedAccess. Tragic quickly grew a reputation for being the 911 call for agency projects gone awry. When deadlines needed to be met, or other resources dropped the ball, Tragic Media was called in to whip a project back into shape and ensure it was completed on-time. Our developers worked tirelessly around the clock to make sure projects were built properly and met our high standards. In addition to project fires, Tragic Media was also leveraged by many agencies for our expert Drupal, Magento, and Javascript development experience. It was through these opportunities that we gained experience working on large projects for national brands including Pixar, IronMan, GM, Nestle, Intuit, Invisible Children, Lego, and Qualcomm, to name a few.

As Tragic Media's reputation grew, we decided to bring our expert, cost-effective solutions directly to the end-client. In 2014, Tragic Media launched its own website, and began marketing directly to companies of all sizes looking for innovative, quality solutions to their digital dilemmas.

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