Business Development

Posted July 2016

For those of you who are not familiar with Tragic, we will start with a little background to help illuminate why taking the leap to invest in our own inbound marketing was such a big one for our small organization.

Posted May 2016

Last Friday, May 6th, Tragic Media exhibited at Interactive Day: the West Coast's premier digital marketing and technology event. With over 1,000 attendees, Tragic Media had the opportunity to meet with some of San Diego’s top players, ranging from local marketing professionals to advertising agencies to upcoming start-ups. The conference offered tons of great insights to the tech industry trends with speaking sessions by Moz's Ronell Smith & Qualcomm's Dan Novak.

Posted November 2015

Unless you have an extremely large budget to hire a large full service digital agency, you will be looking for a smaller, more cost effective solution for your website, store, or application development. Trying to find and vet a digital agency that is cost effective but that still produces quality work can be a very daunting task, especially for those that work outside of the web industry. Unless your company is in a major metropolitan area that has a large hub of web companies, chances are you are going to be searching for and vetting a remote company.

Posted October 2015

The webmaster is dead.

Back in the day (circa late 90s early 2000s), a single webmaster could be knowledgeable enough to manage a company's entire web presence. A little server knowledge, some PHP, lots of HTML/CSS and a little Photoshop to bring it all home. But things change, industries evolve, and the web in particular is a fast moving industry.