Posted April 2017

Selecting the right eCommerce solution for your business or startup can quickly become overwhelming with all of the options on the market today. If you are looking for a larger, more advanced e-commerce solution Magento 2 enterprise edition may be right for you. Below we have highlighted just a few of the best features of the Magento 2 enterprise platform.

Posted August 2016

Speed can kill your website conversions

A study by Akamai, a leading Content Delivery Network (CDN), revealed that visitors have increasingly demanding expectations when it comes to website speed. This study shows that two seconds is the new expected average load time for a website, and 40% of shoppers will wait no more than three seconds before abandoning a retail or travel site. While online shoppers may be more demanding than the average user, this study clearly indicates that website visitors expect the sites that they visit to load fast. If your website takes too long to load, visitors will abandon your site in search for information elsewhere. That means that your website's speed could be the difference between a new customer and a sale for your competition.

Posted March 2016

E-commerce has continued to evolve dramatically over the past decade. While much of that evolution was focused on security and usability, there has also been major improvements in making e-commerce more affordable and easier to use for businesses of all sizes. We have come a long way from Yahoo Storefronts of yesteryear, today's new e-commerce platforms are being introduced at a rapid rate, each one boasting to be easier to use and more scalable than its competitors.

Posted February 2016

Tragic Media recently launched a major responsive overhaul for one of our longest running clients, SportRx. SportRx is an online retailer of prescription eyewear working directly with major eyewear manufacturers to provide the best quality prescription sports eyewear available. Our contributions to their Magento e-commerce platform have helped them reach the top spot in their market space, and are now the largest online prescription eyewear retailer in the US.

Posted February 2016

2016 is bursting with new platform releases including Drupal 8, Angular 2, and the much anticipated Magento 2.0. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform built to provide its customers with a flexible, enterprise-level commerce solution. Major version releases for any type of software are always met with trepidation whether the release is of a favorite OS or a website CMS. Post-release issues and bugs are inevitable, especially when dealing with community-driven platforms.

Posted August 2015

Ugly E-Commerce - A Brief History

In the beginning, website were built with tables. Tables nested in tables on top of tables next to tables with even more tables! Using tables as the main markup structure of a webpage was a developer's defense against display inconsistencies across early web browsers. As the web evolved most content management systems (CMS) moved away from a tables in favor of more flexible and standards compliant markup structure. However most e-commerce systems took many years to follow suite. Back when Tragic first started working with e-commerce there were very low expectations for the front-end display and optimization of online shopping. Nearly all stores existed in a world of horribly nested tables that were unmanageable and very difficult to style. Even large brands that we worked with like TaylorMade adidas Golf, which used the Yahoo Store platform, had horrible management and development capabilities over their product display and checkout flow.