Posted November 2014

Some of the greatest improvements to the web are the tools that make it easy for anyone to easily share content with the world. There now are thousands of ways to publish on the Internet. As web developers it is our job to stay up-to-date with the best of them.

These tools each have unique strengths and weaknesses. Meanwhile, our clients each have different needs and requirements for their businesses. Because of this, we work with several systems to avoid being stuck with one-size-fits-all solutions. We are experts at multiple web publishing platforms, which allows us to recommend and implement the best tool to accomplish our clients' specific functional requirements.

Posted October 2014

A Website Adventure With Hot Sauce

Dan Huss, one of our strategic partners approached us with an intriguing idea for a product. "I want to do a hot sauce of the month club, but I want to do it right." Dan is a hot sauce person. At Tragic Media, we're also hot sauce people. We both abide by the saying, "Is it food? If so, put hot sauce on it." It's a good match.

Hot sauce people love flavor. We also love variety, which is exactly why Dan invented the Hot Sauce Adventure club, to bring flavor and variety to hot sauce peoples' lives, completely hassle free. We were excited to help!

Posted April 2014

In the past few years the number of mobile device users going online has increased dramatically. This new change in web demographics has made it imperative to make one’s website cross-device compatible. The majority of websites on the web are at least viewable on mobile devices; however, the interface is rarely mobile optimized and often makes navigating web content frustrating, if not impossible for mobile users. To handle this new demographic of devices, two design philosophies began to emerge: Responsive Design and Adaptive Design.