The 300 Movie worked with the creative team at Piston to concept and create a game that would work both on Facebook and their website to promote their new movie. Piston partnered with the Tragic Media to build the game based on their designs and specifications.

Tragic Media developed the game in AngularJS and built a slightly modified version for Facebook. The facebook version was slightly smaller due to the confined display area available but it allowed for additional user information to be displayed within the game from the user's profile. This game takes the classic card game war and mixes it up with some surprises from the popular movie franchise. When signed in, the player's facebook name and photo will appear. Players then drag'and'drop their cards onto the gameboard to battle the computer. Upon placing a card, it animates to reveal the winner of the battle. If the cards are a tie, then three more cards are dealt then a final card is unveiled dictating the winner. During war the background reveals clips from the recently released movie, and upon winning you have the opportunity to share your glory with all of your facebook friends. At any point during the game users can share to either facebook or twitter, and once completed they will receive a bonus card that will take away half of their opponent's deck.

Last player standing is the winner!