Amplibuy Drupal E-Commerce Store

Amplibuy is a new e-commerce platform built to leverage the new concept of crowd-buying in order to connect suppliers directly with large organized groups of sellers in order to offer the lowest price possible. Building this site was an extremely complex undertaking, but the outcome is a beautiful responsive e-commerce store that is unlike any other store online today.
Launch Date: 
Client Needs: 

Amplibuy is a team buying website that sources products that can be purchased in bulk to save. The site founders came to Tragic Media to create a new responsive platform that would allow product prices to drop based on the number of users that purchased the product. The products needed to run on a timer, and both the pricing tiers and timer had to be configurable per product.

Our Solution: 

Tragic Media built a custom e-commerce platform for Amplibuy using Drupal with Commerce. An array of custom modules were created to architect this highly customized concept. The development included a custom signup flow, custom social integration, and product pricing that refunds money to users that purchased a product if enough users also purchased that product within the given time limit. When the time limit is reached the product is either archived or re-created automatically depending upon the chosen options.