GRACEDBYGRIT continues to grow quickly, bringing their high performance fitness clothing to more and more people every month. Tragic Media worked with the brand for over 2 years, supporting their growth with expert development and future planning. The sky is the limit for this adventurous brand, and we are happy that we were an intrical part of their early growth.
Client Needs: 

GRACEDBYGRIT is a growing high performance fitness brand for women. After initially getting their website built by contractors, GRACEDBYGRIT went searching for a local San Diego based Magento development company with which they could form an ongoing relationship as they started to grow.

Our Solution: 

Tragic Media hit the ground running, helping the gritty girls at GBG begin to restructure the store administration and theme to establish a better foundation from which to scale. Our experts have been instrumental in helping the growing brand to plan and roll out many updates for the store including: giving the store a facelift complete with a new homepage and better responsive handling; implementing many third party extensions to add additional functionality; designing and re-theming the WordPress blog; moving the store to a new server; and creating a custom checkout flow. Our team works seamlessly with the internal store managers and an external marketing consultant to plan, design, and implement new features as needed for this bold women's fitness brand.