Hot Sauce Adventure Club

The Hot Sauce Adventure Club has been growing steadily since launch. The brand continues to find and attract adventurous users from across the web and Tragic Media continues to support and scale the store as it grows. Since launch we have added a blog, testimonials, and additional subscription management tools for easier product fulfillment.
Launch Date: 
Client Needs: 

The Hot Sauce Adventure Club provides exotic hot sauce straight to your door. The site founders wanted to create a site for anyone who wanted to spice up their life and their favorite meals. They wanted a fun, easy-to-use, responsive e-commerce website that would allow for users to order monthly subscriptions of hot sauce. The site had to capture the adventurous flavor of the brand and allow for subscriptions through the Stripe payment processor.

Our Solution: 

Tragic Media designed and built a flashy homepage and quick single page checkout using Drupal with Commerce. We chose Drupal due to the subscription requirements and the plan to fill the site with additional types of content in the future. We created a custom integration with the Stripe payment processor to provide advanced subscription capabilities and intuitive account management for the site users. The site features a custom responsive theme that captures the heart and soul of the Hot Sauce Adventure Club brand.