SportRx Responsive Magento Website by Tragic Media

Tragic Media has helped SportRx to grow their Magento store, and their business overall, by providing years of expert design and e-commerce development. We help to empower the marketing team to more easily run and track their campaigns, and we keep the store stable through the turbulent holiday season. Our team is able to scale our support as needed throughout the year without the need for expensive retainers.
Client Needs: 

SportRx is one of the largest sunglass retailers on the web. They have been featured in countless magazines and have exclusive deals with many leading eyewear manufacturers. In late 2013, SportRx approached Tragic Media because they were unhappy with their current development agency. Their store had been plagued with frequent unexpected outages, poorly managed code deployments, and in general felt poorly supported and had lots of small front-end and back-end issues which created unnecessary headaches and extra work for their team.

SportRx needed a dedicated team that could provide ongoing expert support to help their giant Magento store stay leagues ahead of their competition. In 2015, after many years of dedicated support, SportRx approached Tragic Media about completely redesigning their entire storefront to upgrade their brand image and make the store responsive.

Our Solution: 

Tragic quickly reviewed and upgraded the existing Magento infrastructure, helping SportRx roll out several large projects while providing development assistance to their marketing team. Since joining the team, we have been responsible for tweaking the main site UI, reworking the entire product page, creating a multi-store setup, as well as building a very complicated fulfillment integration. We work closely with the client's SEO, management, and marketing teams to ensure that solutions are implemented to help meet all of their company goals in a timely manner.

Tragic has provided ongoing monthly maintenance support for the growing brand since joining the team in 2013. Our initial efforts involved auditing the existing Magento infrastructure and making adjustments as necessary to fix site issues and to keep the site secure and scalable. We have helped the eyewear giant roll out several large projects involving custom extension development and integration with outside APIs. Additionally, we have assisted in the growth of their brand stores, through the use of Magento's multi-site functionality.

In 2015 we worked with SportRx to give their store a huge responsive face-lift. The redesign focused on the main pages of the store: homepage, product listing, product detail, checkout, contact. Our designer worked closely with the team at SportRx to upgrade their online image and to re-imagine their site functionality. Special attention was paid to the product detail page as the entire customization flow was rebuilt to make it more intuitive and easier for the customer to navigate. Beyond just the aesthetic and responsive updates, a new 3rd party search integration was added, and several custom extensions were built to provide easier product navigation and to implement a higher converting checkout process.