U4rik Tequila

Tragic Media has worked closely with Euphoric's PR company and with the internal team to plan the roll out of this new brand. The splash page started to create the new imagery and tone for the upgraded brand as the company worked to align their social media while waiting for their new product packaging to be put into circulation.

Launch Date: 
Client Needs: 

Euphoric Tequila was undergoing a brand overhaul including a new spelling of their name, new logo, and new packaging. They approached Tragic Media to design and develop a fresh new responsive website to capture their new brand identity and to allow them with better management capabilities.

Our Solution: 

Tragic Media created a temporary responsive splash page for the local company so the old site could be removed and their new identity could begin to perk the public's interest. We then designed and developed an engaging responsive website built with Drupal. The site features information about the tequila along with an event list and press list, cocktail section, and a store locator where you can find bars, clubs, and liquor stores that carry the delicious agave-based beverage.