White Labs

White Labs Responsive Drupal Website by Tragic Media

White Labs has a strong internal drive to push their website to new limits and Tragic Media is honored to be able to continue to help them execute their digital marketing goals. With the help of Tragic, White Labs has been able to completely revamp their online image and to offer their huge customer base better access to invaluable information and soon an easy-to-use e-commerce experience.

Client Needs: 

White Labs is a global yeast manufacturer whose headquarters is located in San Diego. White Labs came to Tragic Media to help them upgrade their existing Drupal site with all sorts of new functionality and integrations. Since late 2014 Tragic Media has helped White Labs slowly rework their entire website.

Our Solution: 

Tragic Media worked closely with White Labs head digital manager and their internal marketing team to bring many initiatives to fruition. We have done everything from upgrading to Drupal 7 to a responsive redesign to completely re-working the main sections of the site to a 3rd party integration with the pre-order service Celery. We are currently working on adding e-commerce to the site including the gift shop, education classes, and eventually their yeast. All e-commerce is integrated with their custom internal system for billing and fulfillment.