Why Drupal?

Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications from personal blogs to government news sites. It is built, used, and supported by an active community of people around the world.

Tragic Media has extensive experience working with open source content management and e-commerce systems. We have chosen to work with a select few that we have found to be the most secure, scalable, customizable, and easy to manage. When building heavily interactive, content-rich, or custom e-commerce sites our system of choice is Drupal.

The Advantage of Open Source

Many open source platforms offer community built add-ons (modules, extensions, plugins, etc) that extend the core functionality of the system. This gives open source platforms a great advantage as developers can often add much of the required functionality for a website without having to code everything from scratch. Open source platforms also tend to have a shorter development life-cycle, which means that bug fixes and new functionality get released faster resulting in a more stable, growth-oriented platform.

Drupal offers a wide range of free community built modules that extend its core functionality. If there is not a module that provides exactly what you need, you can often find enough code to provide a solid base to build from. Even if there is no starting point to build from, Drupal is built with a robust hook override system and has a very well documented API to give you the power to build and adapt the platform however you need.

Feature Highlight

Drupal comes packed with features including flexible content types, complex user management tools, built-in search, a scalable taxonomy system, a powerful theme layer, and multi-site capabilities to name a few. The real power comes with its community modules which offer everything from video transcoding and streaming to advanced search engine optimization to integrations with outside systems like Solr search. Another powerful suite of modules from the Commerce Guys add scalable e-commerce functionality to Drupal. This means that you can build a highly interactive, content-rich website that also offers e-commerce and is managed all from one administrative interface!

The most impressive feature of Drupal is not its scalability but its security. Drupal's security team is responsible for resolving reported security issues for Drupal core as well as to provide documentation for developers on how to write secure code. They also assist contributed module maintainers in resolving security issues. Drupal is used to power the WhiteHouse.gov and has proven to be one of the most secure content management systems available today.

Our Drupal Development Approach

At Tragic Media we make Drupal sexy and classy, which is how we do in San Diego! We focus on reducing unnecessary markup, performance overhead, and administrative confusion. We leverage the core power of Drupal in conjunction with some select modules that have proven their quality and reliability over time. Before introducing a new module into our workflow we will test it and do a code audit to make sure that it is coded well and doesn't add any unnecessary front-end or administrative bloat.

We are Drupal experts, when custom functionality is needed we have the knowledge to build custom modules that extend Drupal in a multitude of ways. When we build our themes we do not rely on heavy base themes, we keep Drupal's output slim and semantic. From custom e-commerce and integrations to interactive designs leveraging the latest in browser technology, we have the experience to push Drupal to new heights.

Because Drupal is the Best

There are lots of benefits to building your website in Drupal, but for us it is the security, scalability, and power of customization that make Drupal our go-to content management system. Whether you are in need of a large content site, an e-commerce store, a custom integration, or an interactive theme you can rely on the experts at Tragic Media to build your website smartly and beautifully.