Why Magento?

Magento is an e-commerce software solution owned by Ebay, Inc. Magento features a large, scalable, Amazon-style e-commerce system. It has everything that a developer and store administer could dream of, from its table-less markup and well built model-view-controller (MVC) framework to its powerful administration panel and multi-store functionality.

Tragic Media has extensive experience working with open source content management and e-commerce systems. We have chosen to work with a select few that we have found to be the most secure, scalable, customizable, and easy to manage. 

The Advantages of Open Source E-Commerce

Many open source platforms offer community built add-ons (modules, extensions, plugins, etc) that extend the core functionality of the system. This gives open source platforms a great advantage as developers can often add much of the required functionality for a website without having to code it all from scratch.

Magento Connect is an online store that features free and low-cost extensions built by the community to extend the power of the Magento core. Often these extensions mimic the functionality provided by Magento Enterprise without the expensive recurring cost. Others provide additional functionality, or integrations with popular systems like popular email marketing systems and even WordPress.

Feature Highlight

Magento's administrative suite is incredibly extensive. It comes with everything you could need to build a customized e-commerce store. Some of its core features include flexible coupon pricing rules, search engine optimization, multiple payment methods, easy-to-use catalog and order management, sophisticated analytics tracking, and a one-page checkout. Magento also features a powerful theme and module layer allowing for easy overriding of its core functionality and output.

Possibly the most impressive feature of Magento is how gracefully it handles both multi-language and multi-store administration. You can manage all of your stores from one Magento install, allowing for easy product updates across all of your stores at once. Also, Magento's well-conceived override system inherits both the functionality and theme of the main store while allowing each individual store to be customized as much or little as needed.

Our Magento Development Approach

At Tragic Media, we love Magento! The code leverages a flexible MVC framework that is divided up into modules to allow for easy overriding of functions and templates and its output is table-less for ultimate theming flexibility. Our Magento certified engineers are experts with the framework and can do everything from audit community extensions to building custom functionality from scratch. They are also experts at integrations from advanced email marketing services to custom shipping and fulfillment systems. Our front-end developers are masters of the Magento theme layer, and leverage its power to create an engaging, interactive, e-commerce experiece for our client's stores. Whether you need a beautiful responsive store or to add new functionality for your existing store, our developers have the expertise to do the job right.

Because Magento is the Best

If you are ready for your next step in e-commerce and need a powerful store to support your sales, Magento is the answer. Secure, scalable, and flexible it has all of the tools to push you ahead of your competition.