Why Tragic Media is the best digital web agency in San Diego

The first question we are always asked is, "Why the name"?!

Tragic Media was first created as a white-label service for large digital agencies. We quickly gained a reputation for our expertise and became the "911 emergency resource" for projects gone tragically wrong, hence, "tragic media".

With our small but efficient and experienced team, we would step in and take over complex web design and development projects that the larger agency teams simply could not handle. Whether the issue was an unrealistic timeline, sub-par overseas contractors, or agency staffing issues, Tragic Media was there to make sure the project was delivered on-time and client-ready.

We gained a lot of great experience working on these large projects for high-caliber national and international clients, but above all we learned that the agency model status quo is broken both for clients and employees. As a result, we decided to move away from working for other large digital agencies and began delivering our advanced development techniques and high level of quality directly to the end client.

Simply put, Tragic Media outperforms large agencies on work quality and customer focus while offering reasonable pricing and flexibility that other agencies can't compete with. 

Why not get it right the first time?

All too often new clients will tell us about their horror stories at other agencies. Often the story involves a lack of time and attention given to new project proposals; but even worse, we get many clients who have already wasted large sums of money working with other agencies that don’t deliver on their promises. 

This is especially true for clients looking to create a new idea or online platform. When companies large and small look for a partner to help them build and deploy digital assets, they are thankful when they have the good fortune of finding Tragic Media first. We spend the time and energy needed to understand our client's business in order to be able to make the best recommendations for the design and development of their new project.

We build scalable solutions.

Our goal is to understand your goals as they relate to functionality, brand identity, and customer experience as well as how the success of your project will be measured. We focus on delivering the highest possible return on investment by helping our clients prioritize their goals to work within their budget. 

This recipe requires a complex mix of business savvy and technical prowess that we strive to build through our expert US based teams. We are experts with Drupal and Magento, specifically as it relates to extending the platforms for custom functionality and complex integrations while retaining a seamless and intuitive user experience.

We put our clients first.

Being a small company, we offer the advantage of being highly responsive and available as your project takes shape. We put our clients above all else and work hard to walk them through the entire design and development process. One of the common complaints of customers coming from large agencies is that their project contact was never available, and that responses to questions and problems were always delayed and never prioritized. 

Since most of our team comes from working at large agencies, we know the reason is typically that project and account management are spread too thin over too many projects and the turnover rate is too high to give clients the quality experience that they deserve. We operate differently at Tragic Media, and make sure we can provide you with the quality and attention you are paying for. 

Below are some key points highlighting why Tragic Media is the right solution for your next web project. Check out our services page and some of our projects and client solutions for insights as to how we can partner with you to elevate your business online.

  • Cost

    Tragic Media has been built from the ground up to reduce the inefficiencies of the traditional model for web and marketing agencies. We have built a small but efficient machine optimized to keep overhead low and quality high. We are dedicated to providing expert development and online business consulting at extremely competitive prices. With Tragic, you typically pay a bit less and get a lot more. 

  • Expertise

    With web agencies, you don't always get what you pay for, with Tragic Media you do. We do not use junior resources, everyone at Tragic is an expert dedicated to a certain role. We work as a team, leveraging our individual strengths, to create amazing responsive CMS driven e-commerce websites and intuitive applications. We develop our sites and applications using open-source solutions, the majority of our work is built leveraging Drupal, Magento, or AngularJS.

  • Team Work

    Tragic Media was created to be as scalable as possible. Our teams are modularized, allowing us to only use the resources needed for a particular project. We are experienced working with many internal resources including creative directors, design teams, marketing managers, engineering departments, and project managers. No matter how your company is structured, or what components of a project you need help with, Tragic is able to efficiently 'plug-in' and become an extension of your team focused on providing our talents and expertise however it is needed.

  • Innovation

    We are constantly pushing the boundaries of the web by working with the latest supported technologies and methodologies. Because our team is so experienced, we do not have to rely on bloated pre-built solutions or unnecessary plugins or modules. We build all of our responsive themes by hand and are experts at creating custom modules, add ons, and integrations for Drupal and Magento as well as cutting-edge web applications leveraging frameworks like AngularJS and Node.js.