Tragic Media did more than just create a dynamic website for the Faveo team to market their new business. We built an integrated platform that empowers the team to run their new company across multiple mediums.

Launch Date: 
Client Needs: 

Faveo is a San Diego-based startup with the goal of disrupting the moving and cleaning industry. Their crowd-sourced application connects users with nearby people willing to help with general moving and cleaning tasks. After getting their iOS application built overseas, this ambitious startup was looking for a local agency to upgrade their web presence and build tools that would not only add additional value to their users, but also help them to grow and manage their new company.

The company needed an online workflow built to attract and on-board new Faveo “Helpmates”. This process involved signing up the new Faveo partner and placing them on a temporary hold while a background check was run. Then, if approved, the new partner would be prompted to enter their banking information to be integrated with the Stripe API for payments.

Post-launch, Faveo realized that their original app developers had not built them any tools to allow them to manage their application. There were no existing administrative tools in place to allow the team to see active or past jobs, nor did they have an interface to review and pay their Helpmates.

Our Solution: 

Tragic Media built an elegant responsive website leveraging the Drupal 7 CMS. Per the client’s request, the site has a very Uber-esque flow allowing both new customers and Helpmates to sign up on the site through different landing pages/sign up forms. The site includes a custom integration with the iOS application’s REST API, which allows for account creation to work seamlessly between the website and mobile application. New users who sign up on the website are automatically given a new account in the mobile application and vice versa, allowing them to use whatever device is most convenient for them at any given time.

The Helpmate sign-up process was built to be a multi-step experience to allow for Faveo to run the appropriate background checks before bringing on new partners. New partners were sent an email with information on starting their background check. A limiter was created so that only a certain number of Helpmate signups were allowed per month, allowing the Faveo team to regulate Helpmate signup based on the growing needs of their customer base. This also helped the team to regulate their monthly cost for the background checks.

In order to address the lack of existing management tools, Tragic Media built Faveo a custom admin section to allow the monitoring of their application usage from their Drupal website. The admin area would pull in all open and archived jobs and allow the team to view details about who was assigned to the job and its current status. It also provided them with important contact information to get in touch with either the customer or the Helpmate assigned to the job. Additional tools were built to allow Faveo to pay their Helpmates via the Drupal admin. The process was set to be manual but was built in a way that allows it to be easily automated in the future.