La Plaza La Jolla

La Plaza La Jolla Drupal Website

Tragic Media worked closely with La Plaza La Jolla to help with the company's web needs as it planned the launch of the new luxury shopping center. We started by creating a splash page to raise awareness for the center and to help in attracting potential retailers. We then worked with LPLJ's marketing company to design, build, and launch a beautiful responsive website that would allow the center to scale its directory from 2 to 10+ retailers.
Launch Date: 
Client Needs: 

La Plaza La Jolla is a luxury shopping center located in La Jolla, San Diego boasting a collection of boutique retailers, exceptional dining, and premiere personal services. LPLJ approached Tragic Media before their opening because they wanted to create a high end website that captured the presence of the luxury brand. The website at first needed to attract the high-end retailers the center was built for, and once established needed a way to feature all of the diverse retailers in the space.

The website needed to elevate itself above a standard pre-built theme, and needed to capture the essence of the brand in a beautiful responsive site. Additionally, the website needed to be easy to use so that LPLJ could grow the site without needing development help whenever a new retailer joined the space.

Our Solution: 

Tragic Media worked closely with Bay Bird PR, La Plaza La Jolla's marketing and PR firm, to create a design that would capture the beauty and craftsmanship of the luxury shopping center. The site was built in Drupal 7 to allow for easy content management and future scalability. The hand-built responsive theme was built from the ground-up for the site to allow for a seamless experience across all devices. We continue to assist in keeping the website secure and up-to-date as well as to assist with any client questions or issues that may arise.